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ITE Smart Guardian for 64bit winxp

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never mine i did it in bios. but is there other program that will display my temps instead of mb5 and speedfan? by the way im likeing this performence so far:) i still got my main winxp on another parttion:) im think im useing this winxp 64bit for games:)

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is there anyway i could make my fans run at full speed? instead of reving up and down?

Yes. Get a fan controller. :P


Just kidding, although that is an option.


Oh, you could go into the fan speed adjustments page in your BIOS, and set the fans to run at full speed if the ambient temperature exceeds like, 15 degrees. Since your house probably doesn't ever get that cold, your fans would run at full speed all the time.


Just an idea. :D

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ya i whould love too get a good fan controller. but i have a big 120mm fan were the cdroms and other stuff goes for air flow. but i was looking too pop this in front were i got the 120mm fan at. but im not shure if it will cool like they said. than i could get a fan controller if it will fit. right now i gess i use the bios too run them at full speed i aways run them at full speed 100% most of the time

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