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EVGA SLI motherboard

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From a few posts I have read the EVGA NF4 SLI board that comes free with the purchase of an EVGA 7800GT or GXT is really the same board as the Jetaway board reviewed at Anandtech.


Also it turns out that the bios in the EVGA board really does stink but from another thread I saw it is possible to flash it to the Jetaway bios and fix all your problems.


I have on on the way and I will let you all know how it turns out.



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Yup i have one and to be honest it works better than any abit or MSI board i ever had lol. Evga doesnt recommend flashing it with a jetway bios they say u will run into problems. dunno :\ i dont see whats wrong with the evga bios it comes with everything you would want... even goes up to 3.25v on the ram which is a plus.

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