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Very Nice Flew!!!


Hey, did you guy's hear... Beast USA is playin for TRPF (with BOTH systems) :yikes:


Posted Image

well what about my 3rd system P4 3.4c ~ OCZ DDR 533 ~ BFG 6800U OC . assuming the card doesnt sell on EBAY :lol:
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hey sho ....i dunno how many team members you need, or are allowed, but if you need one more....i'm game!


i know its not much to speak of compared to most of you guys, but here it is....


gigabyte ga-k8ns uitra-939

3200 winchester

1gb kingston hyperx pc4000

2x250gb maxtor sata, raid 0




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Hey Jackel.. We're glad to have ya. It's not about having the best hardware. It's about having fun with the hardware we got. I've got the best hardware I've ever had but probably had the most fun with the AMD system that required the wire trick to unlock it. LOL. Either that or the 3.0 gig P4 that was a 30 cap and oc'd like crazy. I'll put you on the list. :tup:


I sure hope Xtreme gets a team up and comes to play. They will probably kick our butts but would still be fun to see what kind of scores they put up. Maybe they'd share some tweaks. Maybe not :P

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Hey... you guys think we should cap the # of players per team?

The other teams could use a few.. ;)

So far the pits leading the count with 15

Followed by TRPF at 11

XCSO at 9


TweaksRus and Overclocking Madness needs players :)

There may be 2 to 4 other forums joining us soon, I've been in contact with quite a few last night... Futuremark forum members appear to be so stuck on themselves that they think this competition is dumb... :rofl2:

oh well... it's their loss :P:thud:

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Here's a New Page for Quick Links to all the War Rooms and Player Listings, no music, and its own seperate webpage...

Bookmark it (its way faster than trying to navigate to all the participating sites to see whats going on) :)


Just dropped this at the futuremark forums...

Are you guys sure you dont want to participate??? Ive had this thing started for 3 days and now we got up to 9 forums involved with 5 commited to play so far... Interest is high for a Dumb & Lame contest.


Do you guys have any Pride, or are you so stuck behind these walls that you cant see that this is really gonna be fun?

Either way... I wish you luck.

Anyone wanting to play...

Check this out... and pick a team to play for.



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