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Need PC info for Nemesis II :rolleyes:

Nemesis II has 24 hours to get me his PC info or he's out :rolleyes:

The deadline has passed, we've had 5 weeks to do this... sorry :mrsgreen:


IG was right to remove that Jojesa, it doesnt belong here... just a little on the wild side...

I can post this one though

Posted Image


and this one...

Posted Image



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hi i want to join the ABIT team forum.



AN8-SLi Fatal1ty

2gb Dual Channel Gold Series Voltage Extreme (1GB Kit) pc 4000 2 2 2 8 timmings at 500 mhz

2 Western Digital Raptors 10000RPM 36.7GB 8MB in in RAID

2 XFX GeForce 7800GTX 256MB PCI-Express Extreme Gamers in SLI

Nice looking system :cheers:
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