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Forum Wars - Team Challenge 2005


Hello Fellow Pitsters...

As you prob know, several OC forums are having a Benchmark Challenge.

I cannot be on this team... sorry (got my own) :mrsgreen:

But Thats OK!

We got some serious players here, Led by Shogan191...

You got something to say???

Post it here, But keep it clean!!!

Visit the other Forums War Rooms and check out the enemy... Also a Current List of Players & Scores are here also...

Forum Wars Site

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I'll be in too (hopefully with a better video card).

Athlon XP 2700+ (it doesn't overclock well, even with good cooling)

1GB ram

3x 160GB HDs

FX 5700 Ultra (it has dual DVI, TV-out, ramsinks, and GDDR3 memory, so i guess those parts of the card are good).

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