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Read... Here's what's going on!



Any interested Forums are welcome to join....


PC Pitstop's Shogan191 will Represent the Pit...

There will be a sign up thread pinned soon, so show your colors, and defend "The Pit" !!!



The Forums playing are...

PC Pitstop

The Raptor Pit

Tweaks r us


Overclocking Madness (I hope)

and possibly others

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Ray, sounds like a great time! Afraid that I would have to be on the "PIT" team this time around if there is one, this is where I learned about O/C'n, and although I love the other forums, this is where I'm playin'. ;)

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Nice idea Ray. I'll be rolling with the XCSO squad on this crew on this campaign. :P

Thanks Snake, poor I_G has a decission to make, The Pit team or XCSO :rolleyes::lol:
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I go on vacation the week of the 11th so September 23rd sounds like a good start date. we'll run it for 4 weeks or til halloween ;)


Ctran... you with us??? TRP (The Raptor Pit) :):lol:

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