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Isn't it Strange how People consider Korean War and the Viet Nam War completely old Hat!


Even Desert Storm 1, even now Iraq Incident, or Police Action certainly not War, it was never Declared!


UN is a Bunch of Fuddies, bunch of Has beens!


Israel is Tops??? Palistines just deserve what ever Israel dishes out and to the Heck with Democracy!


Yet are quite happy to Rattle other Old Bones in the Closet!


Best thing for the Pit, Members and Staff to do is to Live Life, in either the Now or in the Past, not bits and pieces different ones chose to do!


Wake UP America!!!!!


Isolation went out the Door Years ago!


You are just as Vunerable as ANY OTHER COUNTRY, NOW!



Drovers, can't you think of anything other to say than to rag on America? It's getting really really old, and it was totally unnecessary in this thread. Sounds like a broken record anyway, repeating the same thing over and over and over again. Give it a rest will ya? -kd5-
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How did I miss this thread??????

The thread originated in August 2005 and was dragged back up from the hinterlands by someone who missed their opportunity to express their sentiments regarding Ax's absence when the thread was started. Since I've already expressed my own sentiments regarding his absence, which haven't changed, I'll leave it at that... ;) -kd5-
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Nothing better to do than bring up old topics Karl?


This is the first "old topic" I have posted to in all of my 400 plus postings to this site and as the thread is "open" to posting, why do you have a problem with me posting to it ?


If you feel a topic shouldn`t be posted to, then might I suggest you close it so that I don`t have to have a Moderator make sarcastic comments at me.......or have you got nothing better to do.

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Well lets just put this to rest...


Ax and myself had a disagreement in our private admin/mod forum...we were both wrong in the way that went down...


Pride is a very big obstacle sometimes..but when ya look back on it later..its flat silly.


Ax is mad at me..not the pitstop members and wasn't backing down when he thought he was right.... and I can't say I blame him much..I'm the same way..


The door has always been open for him tho...


Think thats all that needs to be said here... :) v

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