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i think it may have something to do with the BIOs update i did...


i dont know...but the first few test i did before the bios updates were great...


then i was mostly focused on I/O scores...and i updated Bios and after about a coupole formats and I/o testing....


i finally gave 3d03 a try again...and i couldnt stand the lagging and now i just have that lagging problem...


and like an idiot i didnt save the original BIOs that hame with the board

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It's been a while since I've used coolbits, but I recall that the Intel/Asus setup had no BIOS entries for fastwrites. It was turned on and off through the driver/coolbits.


Here's the BIOS that shipped with the board, you'll have to unzip it first ;) :




What version BIOS did you flash to?

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Posted Image


:blushing: Why don't I remember PCI-e is different.... :blank:




Or as Forrest says, "Stupid is as stupid does." :rofl3:



Did you double-check all the other BIOS settings under PEG?

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Stupid BIOS...the 0422 was junk...


i downgraded back to .201 you posted...and now everything is all gravy...ill be back in a little with a test :woot:


thank you :wub::cheers: ....i dont know what i woul have done without you and the same MObo :lol:

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