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Pitstop Team Challenge Scores

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heres another one for the pitsters ;)


I got this new OCZ power stream 520, and a brand spankin new 6600GT (thanks futurecrap) I have the brand new 77.77 nvida drivers (that suppose to support 7800 gtx's in sli hint hint X_C and Sho ;) )


now let my fun begin!




9363 with 8% =10112 :woot: now to OC my processor :shifty:>>9363<<

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This one, AGP, right I_G?







If its a vivo card you can do some modifications and really help your score, here read this it will tell you how to tell if its vivo also. ~~ http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/overclocking/vidcard/100


Sorry Caintry.... been there, done that. If you pull the heatsink you can see the silver paint from the conductive pen joining the resistors.


Got the card and tried it before it was known it needed to be a vivo.

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I tried to unlock the pipes on my radeon x800 pro but it did not work now I get a score: 11706, more than 1k from previous score of 10653

BUT it says invalid drivers :woot: :help:


The card can went higher but I kept it at 530/520 from 475/450 just to make sure it won't burn :unsure:



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my real overclock is just under 18000 right now... :shifty: soon it will be a high for me...


i reaplced my stock intel thermal pad with some AS-5 and now im below 60C idle

What are you waiting for!? Fire it up! :woot:
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i can only do a test once every few hours....its outputs too much heat...and plus...it was about 90F today...being in the attic...


with temps being that high at around 4PM not a good thing :mrsgreen::lol:

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