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Pitstop Team Challenge Scores

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OK... the draft is finally finished, Thx Guys

And congrats on your new teams

for the next few days work on you team Avatar and Name if you wish to change it

And Test... all test results posted must have today or later date...


You can start posting now if you wish... first update will be mid week

This contest will end 3 weeks from today


try to post only scores here OK?

Check the first page or check the raptor pit link for updates

and we will police ourselves so be aware :cop:

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Ok Your got me ticked off so your gonna pay the price.





27495 + 8% (2200) = 29694



Here you go, first run at stock with approved drivers and Riva Tuner. Yes it is 75 points higher than the previous submission with unapproved drivers.


There will be more to come with the new drivers. ;)

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Do we need to use approved drivers?    :unsure:



Otherwise I'll start this show.    If not I'll have to do more benching with approved drivers.





27427 + 8% (2194)  = 29621



I guess I'll stop back with approved drivers.  :(

The word was approved... but, I think we can use whatever and Poll any questionable scores at the raptor pit for a day,

Team owners will have to call for a poll...


Nice Scores B)

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