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another BSOD with nothing in bios touched....something is wrong here...


it gets past the raid floppy part...then it says Starting Windows Setup or something similar and then boom BSOD



Im just loading regular windows XP...not the 64 bit...

thats my dfi error i had to run windows on a single 30 gig. Blue screen when i searchs for the array after loading drivers. I suggest try different dirvers.
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Maybe the bargain bin cpu is acting up. I actually got a few bsod with my x2 processor. Turned out it was the drives overheating during the win installation. I had a fan on them to keep them cool and got past it. :)

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yea i bought it on ebay, but its got all the intel authenticity stickers on it...and the holograms


going to test it back out again...


i was at work @ 430...so i didnt have time to play...

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