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HI Guy's,

I can't do a pit test at the moment as I'm doing some other stuff....while I'm working just watching my CPU temp I have

'CPU Type AMD Athlon XP, 1533 MHz (11.5 x 133) 1800+ Palomino'......one my old CPU which was odf the same kind as this one my CPU Temp would stay around 45/46 C ........since I have put the new one in I have noticed when I burn it seems to stay around 48/49 C ............could some one Please give me an idea what temp is getting to high Please ?????






Albartron KX18DS Series Mobo

80 gig WD

512 3200 DDR RAM

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Cheers Thanks..........sorry for taking so long to reply.......had a problem...so 48 degrees C when encoding is fine ???? and usually when Idle it runs at about 38 C...I have not had this one long and have never had much to do with temps.....I know it's built into the mobo to shut down automatically........Thanks again.




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