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Need help, making new pc

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I need help mkaing a new PC.


One thing is certain, its gonna have an AMD CPU, but i dont know what other parts to buy.


I'm not the richest guy in the world, so can someone help me with teh specs of my new pc? i want it to be good for at least 2 years.


plz :)



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2 years will be a hard mark to hit the way technology is growing these days. one thing you should figure out is how much you want to spend then come back here this way we could better help you. good choice on going with the AMD imo.

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well...i would recommend an athlon 64 chip (San Diego core?)...


im not much of the AMD guy...so maybe someone will come along and give ya some help


but you have alot of money to spend there...and i dont know where to buy things there in the UK...so yea. :)

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Best idea would be to pick some parts out that you like and post them all here for people to see and comment on, maybe help you chose a better part etc.



I would deffinatly go for a motherboard with 939 pin and PCI express as these would last you longer upgrade wise.


a good selection here




processor i'd probably got for something like a AMD 64bit 4000+ (or above) which should last a while.


get atleast 1GB of ram good for gaming (get dual channel pairs if u can affored)


for hard drives it would be best to go for SATA ones raptor drives are the quickest but are pritty expensive for there size (RAID would be very good for game load times etc if u can affored 2 drives).




graphics card i would go for something in the nvidia 6800 series as there dropping in price (or 7800GTX but there more expensive but by far the best at the moment) could even get 2 in the future and SLI them if u have a compatible motherboard.



It mostly depends on how much u want to spend.

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the x2 4400 is a great buy, alot of whats coming out in the future is multi-core, so getting it now is a good idea.



thats the 4200 with only 512kb cache to each core, the 4400 is also 2 2.2Ghz cores with 1mb l2 cache to each core.


What is 1000 (looks for euro key) in us $

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this is what i had in a lsit so far, i cant be :filtered: to take out stuff like monitor and keyboard, or prices.


AMD (San Diego) Athlon 64bit 4000+ 939pin 1mb L2cache Retail Boxed Processor With 3 Year Warranty and Fan Included.



£321.46 inc VAT


MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum SKT 939 Nforce3 SATA GIGBIT LAN 7.1 CH Sound Retail Box



£88.99 inc VAT



Connect3d ATI Radeon X800XT PE 256MB DDR3 TV-Out DVI VIVO Retail Box



£294.97 inc VAT


2 x Corsair (VS1GB400C3) 1024MB, DDR400 / PC3200, non-ECC, 184 DIMM, unbuffered, CL3, 64Mx8 DRAMs, Lifetime Warranty


2 x £53.99

2 x £63.44 inc VAT


Ebuyer Silver 500w ATX Power Supply



£10.57 inc VAT


Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 400gb, Sata 3.5lp 8ms 7200rpm 8mb



£179.98 inc VAT


Logitech Cordless USB Desktop- Deluxe Optical Keyboard With Optical Mouse - Retail Box



£30.54 inc VAT


Creative Labs Inspire T7900 7.1 Speaker System



£72.62 inc VAT


Sony 52x32x52x16 IDE Drive (combo) - OEM Black



£25.16 inc VAT


ACER AC713B 17" TCO99 0.27dpi 1280x1024 FST CRT Monitor - Black 3 Year Warranty



£64.99 inc VAT

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Shinzon you would be much better off going for an NF4 board and a PCI-E graphics card. It isn't that much faster than AGP but its a lot more future proof.


For a mobo something like this "MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum nForce4 Ultra (Socket 939) PCI-Express Motherboard (MB-046-MS) " if you want to go MSI.


Also you only really need 1gb of RAM, something from >> here << would do nicely, if your willing to spend that much. Look for CAS2 RAM is you can get it, its faster than CAS2.5 or CAS3.


Also the power supply (PSU) would be too weak, you need to spend a lot more on it to get a good one. Antec are a very good make and the OCZ Powerstream range are very good, but dear.


I'm sure other people here will tell you to buy two 200gb HDs instead, and put them in RAID0. It will probably cost a bit more but you'll get a lot more performance!

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Here's details of my new build. It cost me just under £1000 and its a decent gaming machine that will last you 2/3/4 years if you can avoid the upgrade bug!


As a taster i used a 3200+ Venice Core (great for overclocking)

Asus A8N SLI Deluxe mobo (PCI-Express slots for a gfx card) and NF4

Geforce 6600gt pci-e gfx card

2 x 512 mb Crucial Ram

Tagan 480w power supply

2 80gb SATA Maxtors set in RAID0


I will dig out a post with the full spec and links to each part to let you see specs and prices. I have had no problems at all with the parts i bought and it runs like a dream.


One last word though...stick to a price! I set out with £700 in mind and ended near £1000 but there are certain parts that are well worth getting right. Remember you might pay up to £50 in total for all delivery charges! Stick to a price and keep to it. There are some pricy items in your last post for a £1000-£1300 build but thats up to you to decide how you spread the cash!

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if you can avoid the upgrade bug

theres an upgrade bug?!?!?! :woot:


if you get pci-express motherboard and graphic cards and you are willing to get a dual card setup, i would reach out for the Enermax Noisetaker 600W sli enabled, so you can connect 2 graphics cards up, (ATI crossfire or nvidia's SLI technology) and its near silent! abit more future proof :P

to be fair... if you swap your mobo in your list,

to what pgcrooks said, and went with a pci-e x800xt pe... you would be blistering :D

and with the top power pack on that page :D

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agree's the 600 watt enermax noisetaker is great using that at the moment and for my new system.


like pgcrooks said go for a better power supply the cheap ones are generally a load of crap so go for a more expensive brand name model


good ones here



also like pgcrooks said go for NF4 and PCI-e if you want future upgradability.

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