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found chk files help

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i had errors on my hdd and i did check disk. and now i got 4 folders that has found on them. and inside theres all these chk files. some of my games and other things are in it. but i cant make out were they are. they are scatered all over in small files.



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Checkdisk and Scandisk perform what could be thought of as a "blind" recovery operation. Neither program actually knows if a file fragment that is found is needed or not needed. So the fact that they have been found does not mean they are important or necessary files to be recovered.


The most likely cause of file fragments is errors in the File Storage system which results in the File System pointing at the fragments saying such and such clusters have been allocated but not giving them a proper name. This is often caused by an improper program or system shutdown.


In regards to games files I would find myself concerned with missing "saved" game data. Anything else would be unimportant since I would be able to re-install any other types of game files that have gone missing.


It can be extremely difficult to actually make use of file fragments recovered by check disk or ScanDisk. by their very nature a file fragment is exactly that; only part of a file. If you recover it you won't have the entire file and except for text files that renders such useless (I must say here that a programmer familiar with the particular code contained in a file might find some use for other types of files but an ordinary person without that skill would not).


If you are confident that your not actually missing any files essential to a game you have installed AND if you are able to re-install any games if needed it is perfectly safe to delete the files.


To be on the safe side you could let them alone for a week or so and if nothing seems amiss with your games I would get rid of them.


If you find something is actually gone wrong and you suspect you really do need one or more of the files that were recovered the first thing you must do is identify what the name of the file (or at the VERY LEAST what the file extension) was because without that information you can do very little with the .CHK files. Then you should ask again with more specific information what you can do to go about recovery a particular type of file.

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