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window side fan cooling help

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what will be better for my setup for the window side fan i got it blowing out ?? i got the big 120mm in front of my case blowing in and i got 2 80mm fans together on the powersupply blowing in. and and the bottem 120mm fan on the powersupply is blowing in and out the back with another 80mm fan on the powersupply blowing out the back. and i got another 120mm fan in back of the case blowing out of the case and a vantec pci card cooler on bottom blowing up at the video card and my cpu fan is a thermatake ufo fan blowing in on my xp90c at 3800rpm. so what will be better for the side fan in or out?


the side fan is right over the cpu fan.

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what if i just got 1 120mm fan in back ony should i still put the side fan blowing in. and will it do better blowing in instead of out even if my cpu fan is runing 3800 and pushing 80cf? and the side fan is right over the cpu fan about 1inch and a half close?

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I have ALL of mine blowing out...if the heat goes out, it stays cooler (correct me if I'm wrong...)

Doing some BBQ that is perfect.Imagine yourself into a small hot room and all them fans are blowing out you will probably sitting in vacuum with no air movement. :P
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