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Darrby, you'll want to make sure your links are working, they seem to be bad. Double check that they are published and active, insert your name, click the active and published box and hit update. Then you can use the *Compare URL*, like mine here: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=817689









edit: yes, I know it's 3D05 :P

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this will be an overclocked Team challenge, you can run a stock test and take 8% and add it to your score for a Challenge Score.

We need a list of this info, and a link to your score.

CPU Type And Speed/OC speed

Link to Test result

test must be run with Reccommended Drivers and no Null 

Post your cpu info, and your score with 8% if you didn't OC (if you did OC, then post the score without any increase).

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I'll be using my X2 4600+ in SLI with 7800 GTX's I don't have any scores to post yet, but you can extrapolate a score from this one.





I'll give you a hint. It will be significantly better than this score. ;)

Still nice, and more to come :yikes:
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