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"Limited to No Connectivity" on Wired Laptop

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Hey everyone, I'm having a problem that I hope someone can assist me with. I have a laptop that I'm trying to connect to a friends' Linksys router. When I do so, however, I get a "Limited to No Connectivity" message after receiving another message that states that my IP address cannot be renewed. It appears as though I'm able to receive but not send.


I have checked the cables---it works fine. Also, he is able to connect to the router and use the internet with no problems. We even tried connecting the cable modem directly into my laptop, to no avail.


So my question is how do I reset my network settings or delete my current internet connection so that my laptop will receive an IP? (I have it set to automatically detect all the settings)


This is also a wireless Linksys router, but my laptop doesn't seem to 'see' the connection and there's no option for it showing up in the properties box.


Additionally, I use a router on my home connection (wired). I was able to plug back into it with no trouble and immediately use the internet. So how do I go about resetting the settings so I can use my friends' router/internet?


Any help is appreciated.

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With windows XP Do


1 Start

2 Control Panel

3 Network and Internet Connections or Network Connections

4 Right click LAN

5 Select Disable

6 Right click LAN

7 Enable

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...Yeah, that was no help.


That was the FIRST thing I did.


If you take a look at my post the problem is that the IP cannot be renewed NOT that the network can't be found or whatever. This error occurs when restarting the computer and when disabling/enabling the LAN.

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when you are plugged ino tthe router, can you log into it. (usually, but might be different)


If you can, there may be a release/renew ip area.


Also, open you command prompt. Type ip release and hti enter.

then type ip renew. that shodl renew your IP.

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I have not tried logging into the router. When I go into my Broadcom network management, there's an IP listed but I don't know the router IP.


The other computer (not a laptop and not running service pack 2) is able to connect/reconnect to the router and use the internet just fine...however, it is my laptop which is having the problems.


I've tried the following:


ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

netsh winsock reset

netsh winsock ip reset resetlog.txt


and I've tried a WinsockXPFix


None have helped.


I'm still getting the "Cannot renew IP" error and the "Cannot connect to DNS server" error.


The tricky thing is that when I go back home and plug my laptop into the router at my house, it'll work just fine.

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Normally for the router, you go to the browser nad type in that should send you to your router config.

Check and make sure all the numbers there are ok. for instance, on my router the IP may be (its not..trust me)

On my computers ibehind the router, I have etc

Look for the WAN info, and find out your IP, subnet mask, and DNS numbers.


Then go to teh network options, and manually enter in the subnet mask, and dns. Make sure to use an IP address next in line, and not the same as one being used.


All I can think of right now. let us know how that helps



Last guess for me, without doing some serious research.

Try googling that error, and see where that leads you

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