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Something that doesn't make any sense to me...


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If the xbox 360 console costs $300 and includes that monster GPU (48 pipelines - it's been confirmed), why don't people just buy it and ditch the pc altogether, considering the xbox360 can do everything a pc can, and costs less than JUST the equivalent GPU (R520, I believe) ATi will release for the PC.


Here is what I'm talking about, if I didn't manage to explain myself clearly:



wireless controllers

hard drive - not sure how many gigs, but that doesn't matter.

3 powerpc 3.2ghz cpus (wtheck??? doesnt one of them cost like $300 for the PC?)

that monster ATi GPU (wtheck again, wouldn't JUST that chip for the PC cost like $600 initially (i.e. GeForce 7800GTX?)

DVD drive

spiffy looking enclosure.

and lots of other crap.


COST: $300..isnt Microsoft losing like at least $1000 on every console they sell???




comparable ATi GPU - $600.

hard drives (anywhere from $40-$*00, depending on how many gigs you get, and the kind of hard drive you get)

comparable CPU - $1000


cost of comparable computer specs-wise, when completely assembled - around $2000


Ok, I can stop here now. I could have stopped right when I listed the GPU. I mean, look, just the GPU alone costs twice as much as the Xbox 360 console. Are PC users getting ripped off or what?


XBox360 graphics (Not pre-rendered, actual in-game screenshot):


Posted Image

Posted Image

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Buy a PS3, it will be twice as powerfull as the xblock 360 (me, a fanboy? What are you trying to suggest?)

lol. I read reviews, and everything suggests that they're pretty much neck-and-neck with each other, in terms of performance. Hot Rod Tyler, maybe I will "say stuff it" for a while and get a XBox360. :P
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ps3 is running the nvidia chip tho....

where as xbox360 has the ATI...


xbox it is for me :D

also xbox is signing up all the exclusive playstation titles.. (i.e rockstar etc) meaning that you going to get all the good games on the xbox...

apart from GT so i might forkout for a ps3... but only use it for GT and other exculsive games

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I won't buy either... too hard for me. I'm a Playstation and ATI fanboy, so that will never work :mrsgreen:


I love Halo, think its a great game. Only reason to buy an xbox lol :P Btw the ATI chip is the R500 I think, and it has a removeable 20gb HD. Ummm Stuff magazine... (gadget mag over here in the UK)

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