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The Aspire Aluminum ATX-AS500W PSU is an excellent unit, which combines great aesthetics with functionality. The anodized aluminum chassis construction adds several benefits in terms of acting as an additional heatsink and supporting two well-placed 80mm Blue UV LED fans. The unit by default is feature rich with built-in functions for Short Circuit Protection, Over Voltage and Over Current Protection. Users concerned with associated fan noise will appreciate the fan speed knob at the back of the unit which can adjust the RPM and voltage speed of the fans. The acrylic see though shell complimented by UV sensitive features offers case modders all the necessary eye candy for a modified case. While Aspire has done an admirable job at cable sleeving the 20-pin ATX connector cable, I would have loved to have seen this function extended to the remainder of the PSU cables in order to keep cable management down to a minimum. It would have also been nice to see this unit offer an additional AC plug which seems to be a standard feature on rival units for those individuals who like to power external AC devices. Overall stability was good and I am fully confident that this will be one of the PSU units to top when it comes to a full featured product. Overall, I’m rating the Aspire Aluminum ATX-AS500W PSU MTB's Seal of Approval and a final rating of 9.5 out of 10. If you have any questions regarding this review be sure to visit the Aspire website for more information or discuss them in our forums.



Conclusion of the review from http://www.modthebox.com/review253_1.shtml

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Even though I am impressed with Aspire’s 500W Power Supply, no product is perfect. A small annoyance is the lack of SerialATA plugs. It’s fairly late in the PSU game to NOT have any SATA plugs at the ready. Even though only a small fraction of people use SerialATA, everyone will go that way eventually. My biggest beef with this PSU has to do with the adjustable fan speed. While this is a great idea on paper, I don’t think everyone wants to get up out of their chair, reach behind their computer to turn up the fan speed just before they start to play a game. And then, when they are done playing, do the same all over again.

The Aspire 500W Power Supply is fairly loud with the fan speeds at maximum. The sound can be likened to a mini wind tunnel. Fully installed in your system (with sidepanel on), it’s not as loud as it is by itself out of the case, but you can definitely hear it. I chose to keep the fan speed at a permanent 75%, and I think that works very nicely for all my needs.


In the crowded world of power supplies, the Aspire 500W Dual LED Fan Aluminum Power Supply sets itself apart by good looks, and great performance. And in case you don’t like the black color of this unit, there are four other colors to choose from. And with touches like the extra-large power switch, and the included thumbscrews, it just makes good sense to consider Aspire as a viable choice in the PSU market.

This is conclusion from http://www.envynews.com/index.php?ID=588&page=1

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