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Can't delete IE temporary file

Guest vaffmedic

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Guest vaffmedic

When I try to delete all of my IE temp file there a file that I can't delete. I go to Tools - Internet Options - Settings - View Files - Select All - Delete. It will delete all files except one.


Name of file - SWF Internet address -


I tried to right click and delete on it and it will not delete it.

I ran Normal Antivirus and Ad-Aware and neither one showed any problems


How do I fix this


Link removed. H

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This file relates to a Macromedia Flash Player formated presentation that you probably encountered while browsing the internet.


With problematic files, it is not a good idea to post the actual URL in full http://script, since an unwary member might mistakenly "click" on the address and end up with the same kind of problem that you are experiencing.


Please EDIT your post to remove the URL.




How to delete it from your own machine.


First line of attack would be to attempt to delete it using Windows Explorer Delete function, but doing so from SAFE Mode.


SAFE Mode allows your computer to present your Desktop and many basic Windows functions without allowing "application type" programs to become active.

DELETE will present an Error message or simply fail if the file being deleted is presently "owned" by an active application program.


to get to SAFE Mode....

Reboot your computer and immediately start tapping F8 key repeatedly until your screen presents the Master Boot Menu. You will see various boot options listed. Select SAFE Mode.

Your computer will then continue the boot sequence, though it sometimes takes a little longer that a regular boot to Normal mode.


When booted into SAFE Mode click on your My Computer or on your Windows Explorer and navigate to the file in temporary internet files\

Highlight the file with your cursor and select File - Delete.


If this does not do the trick....

Download and Run CleanUp! 4.0 from http://www.stevengould.org


Please know that CleanUp! 4.0 is a very powerful utility that will delete most all Temporary files found on your hard drive.

This is a very good thing for your computer, with a few exceptions.

It will erase any saved auto-logon usernames and passwords that you may have selected for automatic logon to your favorite sites.


So Make sure you know your passwords.... you will have to enter them manually, the next time you visit sites.


Also, if your are a gamer, some games save "games in progress" in temporary Internet files, and CleanUP! 4.0 will erase them.

also if your are an online invester, who uses stock market trading software like eTrader... eTrader saves recent transactions in temporary internet files until you save them to your desired file or until the transaction is complete.


Otherwise, CleanUp! 4.0 is a wonderful tool, and highly recommended by respected authorities.


Best Regards

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So Make sure you know your passwords.... you will have to enter them manually, the next time you visit sites

That depends on your settings. I have CleanUp! delete (and wipe clean) everything except Favorites and Game Scores, but I don't have to enter passwords on every site. CleanUp! will delete the cookie type of automatic logins on sites such as your Yahoo home page. But I have the advanced setting in IE checked for the box labeled "Use inline Autocomplete" which keeps suggestions for passwords loaded when you click on the login space of some sites.


Good advice about using CleanUp!, but in case it scared someone off from using it because they hate having to remember many different passwords I wanted to clarify. :beer:

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