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Sad times

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Yesterday, I lost a very dear friend :mrsgreen:


This lady was an inspiration to me for many years and was always very interested in me, my family, and our welfare. She knew my kids and treated them like her own - often spoiling them rotten in the process. She was one of those people who - once you knew her, you couldn't but help like her, even though at times she would drive you to distraction and raise hell with you because of some decision or action you had taken that she didn't approve of. She had that uncanny ability to get under your skin and foretell what you might be about to do or say - sometimes even before you had thought of it! She herself had had a fairly hard life in her earlier years and, despite this, she wasn't a bitter person: Rather she was one to see the sunny side of life. I can recall when I was quite young and one of her smiles was all it took to make me feel happy. Her kind words and encouragement did a lot for me and inspired me to be a better person in many, many ways. The saddest part of this person's life was the fact that for the last five years, she had been in care due to a form of dementia and, she no longer recognised people nor had the facility of speech with which to communicate - something she loved to do.


Who was this lady? She was my Mum. God rest you!



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My heart felt condolences on your loss Beau...



Lost my mother 19 years ago yesterday..won't ever get over the loss..but time does ease the pain...



Take care over there my friend.

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i am so sorry :(


i lost my mom 9 years ago n' she was healthy....not a day goes by that i don't think of her n' you will have your memories of your mum as well. in time, the pain does subside. she'll always be with you in your heart n' mind....


you're in my thoughts n' added to my prayers

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Condolences to you. It would be presumptuous of me to say I sympathise or feel sorry, for your loss is a very personal thing and we are all mostly avatars and text lines. To loose a part of your life that you always thought would be there is shattering, but then afterwards you find that it isn't really completely gone and what you have left is the positive things.

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