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Internet Speed Autofix

Guest girt

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Guest girt

i recently downloaded the program Internet Speed AutoFix, and am curious as to why they recommended that i adjust my buffer size to 64240. i am not sure what that means--i am relatively new to the pc world. i want to improve my overall internet speed but i do not want to pay more money to buy more broadband. is there anything i can do to my pc to optimize its performance? here is some information about me. i live in taiwan, have an adsl connection (512 kbps download and 64 kbps upload), my ping to a site on the west coast (yahoo.com) is 210ms. i have a AMD 200 MHz computer with 64 MB of RAM, and windows 98. i also downloaded a program called TCPO optimizer and am not sure how to use that either. if you can help me out on any of the issues listed above i would greatly appreciate it.

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