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poor mans upgrade


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:) k I was just wondering, I want to do a lil upgrade to my pc... but I'm poor. however I do have enough money to buy some ram. I know whta ram I'm getting and all the little details and such. and all I want to know is..


will upgrading from 512mb to 1 gig make a big differance or a barely noticable one, in regards to gaming :) thanks


your friend

DA noob B)

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For gaming it's very important how much memory your video card got.


Alot of RAM on the motherboard will not help much if there is little memory for graphics.

512 MB of RAM isn't bad. But 1 GB is twice as much ;)



Some pc's use the main RAM also for graphics. Especially cheap laptops.

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It depends what kind of game you want to play. If you're looking to play the latest 3D 1st-person game, 1 gig could make it run alot smoother (like K Viking pointed out, these high-quality games need high-quality video cards - I wouldn't go anything under 256mb card).


with regards

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What operating system are you running? If it's 98/ME, you'll need to make some minor adjustments within the OS so it will recognize that much RAM properly. If it's 2k or XP, no problem... ;) -kd5-

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that's my hunk of junk right there.


I'm getting like 200 bucks (CAN) for my birthday in like in weeks.


I can play games like call of duty ok, on lower to mid settings. just looking for something a little more. Not looking to play doom 3 much or serious graphic intensive games. It's either gonna be the ram or get myself a mid range Nvidia Graphics card, at least that's what I think... :)

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it's possible you can end up with both if you check around....memory sticks aren't very much anymore.....


i'm not so hot on finding the deals (gizmos are my thing B) ) but there are a few here who are like magic when it comes to that stuff....


you know who you are :P so, c'mon n' get busy to help the birthday girl :)


not a direct order :woot: just trying to get the attention of the right folks :lol:



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On your Video Board, what do they mean by Secondary? Do you have onboard graphics as well as a video card in that computer? If so, did you disable the onboard graphics when you put the video card in there?


Those Starting Programs listed in blue/purple and grey can be disabled, either within the respective programs (look for options to disable running at Startup. Disable Quicktime's taskbar option, then go to Start, Search, For Files or Folders, search for qttask.exe, when it finds that, rename it to qttask.exe.old or just qttask.old if there's no .exe on the end. It won't run at Startup anymore, but it won't hurt anything by not running at Startup.


The rest of those you can reference here:




Download Cleanup! for those junk files (use the default Standard cleanup)


That ought to help a little performance wise... ;) -kd5-

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