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.scr Virus?

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screensavers are executable files (*.exe files) with their extensions changed to *.src so the screensaver themselves could be viruses. no dragging anything or anything like that. an mp3 can be a container for a virus through the id tags. windows xp and winamp for versions 2.9 and 3 released patches for that as it only seems to this moment pertain only to windows xp and winamp versions 2.9 and higher.

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Thats why its best to have "Hide Extensions For Known File Types" Unchecked in Windows Explorer as that way you can tell if the actual .exe or whatever file type your opening is that actual file type and nothing else (if that makes sense....lol)



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Yea doofus, thats wut i was gonna say. Cuz I think it was Funlove that exploited that. It made the file name something like this.


And then Windows would show it was a text file, unless you had that disabled. :(:angry:

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