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Trj/Clicker.CP VIRUS (sockdebug.exe)

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The clicking you here is possibly a sound scheme, and can be changed or disabled by going into the Control Panel>Sounds

Thanks, :blushing: Learn something new everyday.


Heck, I really thought it was the "Clicker" Trojan doing the 'Clicking' :blink:

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1 last Question, to avoid problems in the future:


When I did Start>Run typed: command, up came a black screen that totally engulfed the monitor C:\WINDOWS\Desktop>_ is what was on screen.


Today, I found in Start>Programs, an entry for MS-DOS Prompt. (I've only owned the computer for 2 months)


When I selected that, up came that MS-DOS "Window" you were talking about. w/ C:\WINDOWS>_ showing on screen


The Window had the normal 3 icons in the corner


Does it matter which "command prompt" is used when doing 'commands' like we did ???



Thanks Again :nospys:

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They are the same but some people find it easier to use the run method because you can use different commands from the run prompt that will display different things. In XP Pro, if you right mouse click on the My Computer icon (not the shortcut), you can select Manage that will give you the entire Management Console. You can also use the run feature to type in MMC, but then you have to add things like the Event Viewer, Disk Management, etc. I like to find the easiest ways to do things....but somethimes you have to learn things the hard way. just my opinion.

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