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Some questions about network print servers


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Hi there :)


At my house there is a network of 4 computers, all wired to a router next to one computer. The computers are pretty spread out throughout the house and the ethernet cable is in the wall to connect all the computers. Anyway, there is a printer connected to my computer, and I've set it up to be shared and all, but I want to be able to have other printers print to it while it's offline; thus the network print server.


This is not my area of expertise :unsure: so I want to ask a few questions :P


1. As my printer is so far away from the router, I doubt I can connect the printer server all the way from my router to my printer. So, what should do? Where my ethernet cable comes out from the wall next to my computer, should I add another router? Or is there an easier way?


2. I read that there are two different types: parallel and usb. My computer is currently connected to the printer with USB, so does that mean I need usb? What's the difference between them and is one better?


3. I read that you need to make sure to get a printer server compatible with your printer. Are the printer servers very printer specific?


4. The printer I have is also a scanner... will I still be able to scan pictures to my computer if it is plugged into the network instead of the computer?



Matt B)

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1) The print server connects either by cat5 ow wireless. Either use a long cat 5 cable or a wireless print server...which I don't recommend.


You definitely do not need another router. If you don't have enough ports then you need to add a switch or hub.




2) If you have a USB printer, then you need a USB print server. If you have a parallel printer, then you need a parallel print server. If your printer has both, then you can use either. Either is fine really.



3) Some are specific, some are not. Some don't get along very well with all printers. It depends on the communication protocols of the printer.


HP Jetdirects are the best, but they are expensive.


I woul;d check with your printer manufacturer and with the print server manufacturer regarding compatibility.



4) Assuming you have a "normal" twain compliant scanner...yes, you should be able to network it....but understand that the scanner complicates matters. You may get a print server that works for printing yet not for the scanner...again, check the manufacturers.


I could be of more help if you posted your printer model and any print servers you are looking at.


I deal with many network printers every day and run a good size networked scanner document database operation every day.


Post the exact model. Hopefully it is an HP or Canon. Also post any scanner software you are running....with the version number.

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Just Google the model numbers of those two to find the best prices. Maybe check Ebay as well.


I recommend the HP.


You can go wireless, but generally I recommend to stay away from that for print servers. It adds an unnecessary complication to the soup if you run into printing problems. Wireless should only be used where it is needed and one should try to use it for mobile devices. Stationary devices should be wired as a rule. But lots of people break rules. ;)

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