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air comprssors too clean computer?

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That's what I use. Not the leaf blower, but an air compressor. Just don't shoot it too close, until the air pressure drops. After the compressor starts, it should maintain and adequate stream of air with the nozzle still open.


If you don't hold the fans down, they'll just spin and no dust will come off. I wonder if they could generate electricity like little wind turbines?. I know the LED's light up. when you spin the fan. so my guess is yes! it might be a good idea to unlug the fans first.


The moisture shouldn't be that much of a problem, as long as you drain the tank of condensation after every use. but you can get water seperators for the air line if your that concerned about it.Posted Image

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Just make sure you secure the fans from turning. They can easily exceed their rated RPM when getting nailed with an airstream...

I do that with my case fans, they make a cool noise just before crashing and burning. They can also light their own lights up from the friction.
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