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Firewall Question

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Hello there. I used to have ZoneAlarm installed on my computer but a recent upgrade caused my computer to have no longer than 15 hours or so of stability and, more often, caused crashes every three hours. So I'm now flying with no firewall, just using AVGuard & AdAware to clean out any nasties I may pick up - which I barely do, using Opera & Firefox instead of IE.


Would anyone out there have an alternate firewall they'd advise?

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Sygate. :tup:


The link is to the free Personal version but on the same page is a link to the Pro version which you can try out for 30 days.


Works great. Intuitive and easy to use for stopping bad tuff and allowing the good stuff to come in and go out. Hide the notification messages after a while so you won't keep getting bugged. You can set it to allow or block certain web addresses or blocks of addresses but that isn't quite as intuitive for the newbie.



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I installed Sygate and it worked so well that my computer refused to make any sort of connection to the internet and somewhere in there I had to reboot my router before any of my computers would connect to the internet again. :(

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edit: Hey aerojad! :wp: :mrgreen:Y

Thank you much :)


I found this place purely because I was looking through my site's logs and I saw a number of hits coming from this place.


Not a clue why, or where on this board they came from, but here I am.

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