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Tried New Speed Test (results O.k.?)

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I have a gateway 333Mhs Celeron, 128MB RAM, and 6GB hard drive, with a 4200 surfboard cable modem (Armstrong cable's Zoom100 [the cheap speed] cable internet.)


The test results showed as follows: 128Kbps ISDN




I think that is reasonable since Armstrong says up and download speeds should both be 100Kbps.


But I've never seen the ADSL measurement before what does it mean??



Enjoying the education ya'll are enlightn' me to


Thanks a lot Mike :mrgreen:

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The ADSL number it the typical rated speed for a DSL line. Its just a point of comparison for you to use to judge the test. How much do you pay for that connection by the way, cause thats a REALLY slow cable connection. Mines rated at 1500 down and 300 up for $45/month.

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