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This happened since last night. All of the sudden, I could not check my email or bank account including window update from microsoft.


I tried wireless and non-wireless and it still won't connect to secure website, but others are fine.


Both pc has winXP

The Cipher Strength are 128 bit

Firewall on or off won't connect to secure

All SSL are turned on


Please help!

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That did not fix the problem :(


While trying to open hotmail.com this msg was displayed



The requested URL could not be retrieved




While trying to retrieve the URL: N/A


The following error was encountered:


Connection Lifetime Expired

Squid has terminated the request because it has exceeded the maximum connection lifetime.


Footprint 3.0/FPMCP



Generated Sat, 28 May 2005 02:23:03 GMT by (Footprint 3.0/FPMCP)






The link of N/A was to http://cb2.msn.com/N/A


and the link of Footprint 3.0/FPMCP was to http://www.footprint.net/



Any explanation??

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hey ! the same thing was happening to my wireless laptop

not all the time, just sometimes. for some time i was quite

pi--ed off with my ISP - bulldog.


but i discovered that from my mum's laptop hotmail was

working and was not from my laptop. so i started investigating

why the error was appearing. simple solution. restart

the DNS CLIENT service in windows 2K/Xp. or flush

the dns cache manually....


closed all internet explorer windows....msn messenger....

then from windows start menu:

START-> RUN -> (type) CMD.EXE (hit enter)

(type) IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS (hit enter)


i think it is something to do with WIFI, and windows

dns cache management, no need to restart the computer

just flush the corrupt dns cache.



While trying to retrieve the URL: N/A


The following error was encountered:


Invalid hostname.


Footprint 3.0/FPMCP



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