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Missing 2.3 Gb

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Guest Froman

I have an E-machines Win98 366Mhz, which I fished out of a dumpster. Now, here's the problem. The label on the computer described all of it's attributes accurately, except that it said the computer had 4.3 Gb of drive space. When I checked the Drivespace thingy a little later, it said that it only had 2 gigs of drive space total. However, the PCP test said I have 4.3 GB, as did Scandisk. So, where are these 2.3 Gb I'm missing? :erm:




There's my test, if it helps.

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Download and install--on another computer of course---Belarc advisor--its free--it will tell you all about whats inside the computer

The bios in that machine may be set to restrict anything over 2 gig from being seen, may need a new battery in the mobo

Do the Belarc thingy--and get back with us



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Guest Froman

Sorry this took so long...


Here's what Belarc said for my BIOS:


BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 0631 07/15/95


So... it looks like I need it updated. What do I do?

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Looks OK to me--Pit test says:


Partition format FAT32

Cluster size 4 KB

Drive label No Label

Size 4102 MB

Free space 1840 MB (45%)

Junk files 118 MB (3%)

Data fragmentation 8%

File fragmentation 1%

Uncached speed 11 MB/s (96%)



4.102 MBs equal 4.1 gigabytes, right? The other .2 gigas are used for bookkeeping/recordkeeping, I expect.



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Guest Froman

4.102 MBs equal 4.1 gigabytes, right? The other .2 gigas are used for bookkeeping/recordkeeping, I expect.


Not .2, 2 whole gigabytes. They aren't showing up as hidden or system files or anything.

It's almost like he's running FAT 16 rather than FAT32. Checked the test and he is running FAT32

What do I do about that?
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:shrug: Not sure how you do math, but the the Pit test says your drive is around 4.1 gigas with 1.8 gigas free--that would mean that something is taking up the other 2 or so gigas, yes?


Let's see-could it be all the installed programs the Pit test lists too?


Logitech Oct 10, 2004

Ulead iPhoto Express 1.1

AccessRamp Installer

MindSpring Internet Software



Microsoft Urban Assault Trial



Canon PowerShot A40 TWAIN Driver

Belkin Wireless Utility


The Crystal Key v11


The Neverhood

Microsoft Close Combat III Trial Version


Christmas For Windows

TA Conflict Crusher

Hell Fighter 32


Uninstall eLicense

Fonts & Dingbats

LT ISAEXT Faxmodem


PhoeniX WorX Client PhoeniX WorX

ADP PC/Payroll for Windows Training

Fantasy Screensaver

Zork Nemesis Demo

MSN Messenger 7.0 Microsoft Corporation

Mozilla Firefox (1.0.4) Mozilla

Belarc Advisor 7.0

Ad-Aware SE Personal Lavasoft


Find... On the Internet

Windows Media Player 7.1

AOL Instant Messenger


America Online (Choose which version to remove)

AOL Connectivity Services

AOL You've Got Pictures Screensaver

Learn2 Player (Uninstall Only)

Viewpoint Media Player

EPSON Printer Software

Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Adobe Systems, Inc.

AOL Coach Version 1.0(Build:20040229.1 en)

Sierra Utilities

WinZip WinZip Computing, Inc.

J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 1 Sun Microsystems, Inc.

NetMeeting 3.0

Canon PhotoRecord

Yahoo! Anti-Spy


Microsoft Office 2000 Professional Microsoft Corporation

WildTangent Web Driver

Canon Utilities RAW Image Converter

Macromedia Flash MX Macromedia


MSN Gaming Zone

Microsoft Works 4.5

ATI mach64 Display Driver

AIM Toolbar

RealPlayer 4.0

Canon Utilities PhotoStitch 3.1

Canon Utilities ZoomBrowser EX

LiveUpdate 1.6 (Symantec Corporation) Symantec Corporation

Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.01

LiveReg (Symantec Corporation) Symantec Corporation

Live Express

Microsoft Excel 97

Java 2 Runtime Environment Standard Edition v1.2.2

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Tools

ArcSoft Camera Suite

PageKeeper Standard 3.0

F-22 Lightning 3

Tachyon Demo

Microsoft Works Calendar 1.0

Ulead PhotoImpact 4.2

PictureMall PictureFun!

Canon Utilities RemoteCapture 2.2

Symantec pcAnywhere Symantec

Ulead Photo Explorer 8.0 SE Basic Ulead Systems, Inc.

Beetle Buggin'

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Professional Edition

Spyware Vanisher Free Scan

Cruzer Mini/Micro

Worms Armageddon

Lords of Magic Special Edition Demo


Spyware Begone Free Scan


If you want the full disk space, do as Bear says and format, but you will have and empty drive with no OS on it.


Otherwise, use Add/Remove Programs to delete what you want and hence give you more drive space.




My math says it is still .2 gigas unaccounted for and you can attribute it to what the drive manufacturers call a MB, that is 1000K; the rest of the world says 1024K

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