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Company Name Ideas..


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Hello all,


I am soon going to be opening a new computer solutions company that basically does the following:


PC Tuneup

Spyware/popup removal

virus removal

PC Setup

Backup solutions

Business network setup/managment

internet setup

network maintenence

web development



basically a little bit of everything from different aspects.. but the main concentration is going to be network solutions for business and Problem resolution for residential as well as business clients.



What i need is to come up with a good catchy name. One that i came up with which seems to be taken (keep in mind it has to be something i could register as my DBA) is: Innovative solutions


So i need help comming up with a few names and i'll take it from there ... remember there's no such thing as a dumb idea when it comes to brain storming so list whatever you feel fitting. Thanks!

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umm, Best buy,,, micro center, ,,,comp usa,,,,,


actually it's tough comming up with something good, i'm an i.t. desktop support tech, i've worked for 3 different companies, all use acronyms 1 PCS technologies 2. BTL 3. FCG.


just find some random letters and put them together it always sounds important.. :beer: :mrgreen:

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Standing for - network solutions and Problem resolution .


One thing to remember...... when choising a name with more that 2 words is what the first letters represent......


Like ........ Streek's Computor Solutions = SCS


You wouldn't want a name like........ Kevin's Krazy Kitchens cause that would = kkk....


Thats just something that some people overlook when choosing a name :)

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Computers By Streek = CBS, oh oh...that won't work:P

All Systems Specialists = A.... oops, nevermind......


Doc's Streek-Tek is a good one.




"If you have computer problems, go Streeking"

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