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Cannot Delete File Plz Help


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Any file or folder that is currently "hooked" by a running process is likely not going to be easily deletable until that process releases it. Sometimes there will be more than one program with such hooks.


A handy method for easily discovering what process or application has locked a particular file is to use the WhoLockMe Explorer Extension. It installs as a Context Sensitive Menu item allowing you to Right Click any file and find out what process(es) or application(s) have locked it. If the file has not been locked there will be no response. If the file has been locked a small dialog window will pop up listing all of the process(es) and applications that have locked the file.


The very best solution to deletion problems I've run across is called UnLocker and was "found" by long time PCPitstop Forum user named radio. It also is implemented as a Right Click Context Menu solution. It goes a step farther than WhoLockMe and actually allows you to unhook the file or folder on-the-fly so you can delete without having to restart your system.


These are some other programs which can be used to delete files currently in use or otherwise "impossible" to delete files. Unlike UnLocker they rely on a system restart and are not able to do the job on-the-fly.


Dr. Delete (super easy to use)

Delete Doctor (another super easy to use)

MoveOnBoot (nice right click context menu feature)

Delete Invalid Data Files (not so easy to use; probably able to delete anything Dr.'s Delete won't)


If you don't want to use a program you can try a work-a-round.


A good "work-a-round" method is to move an offending file (or folder) into a new folder and then delete that new folder. Doesn't work all the time but is worth a go.


A "work-a-round" method suggested in another forum I visit:

A strange workaround I [Ray2047] discovered by accident was to create a "fake" file (blank is fine) in a program such as Notepad, choose Save As, set to "All Files" and browse to the folder of the file your trying to delete. You should now see the file your trying to delete. Right click it, and choose delete. I can't say if it works most of the time but it has worked several times for me.

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