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Dowloading Optimize Caused Ie To Be Hijacked

Guest RoelandhH

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Downloaded Optimize last week because we have problems shutting down the system using windows.


During the download the screen got flooded with messages whether I want to allow Tribalfusion cookies. No I don't. My suspicion is that Tribalfusion despite their fancy privacy policies still installed some spyware on my computer.


Ran optimize, system shutdown using windows worked for one time, but it does not if you run IE. The browser gets regularly hijacked.


I am running 98SE, McAfee and Ad-Aware.


Any suggestions

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I will move this to the Optimize section. However, if you are having problems with spyware I would recommend going to the pinned post in our Spyware section and trying the free scanners there. Make sure your Ad Aware is up to date.


Optimize has an undo feature. Run Optimize and tell it to unto the changes. Does that make the system work better? If so, contact us through the customer service page and we'll get some more information:



TribalFusion is not spyware, it is not even software. Tribalfusion.com may give you a cookie while you are at our site as part of the ads it shows. If you do not want to accept the cookie you can block it and still use our site.

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