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I would like to give what looks like the first review of your Safe Surfing DVD.

Thid DVD is A MUST have for any Family who owns a computer. IT IS a great tool for keeping your family and computer SAFE. I think owning this DVD is as important as having Antivirus and spy/adware protection on your computer. For the avarage home user can SAVE hundreds of dollars of repairs and greif just by following the simple commonsense advice on this DVD. I know that most users of PCPitstop are above avarage users but we all have frends and family that are not as sharp as we are. This DVD would make an GREAT gift for anyone who uses the WEB.


As a Computer repair person I did not need the DVD for my self. I purchased it to review its content. I have always reccomended PCPitstop as an educational site to all of my customers. Now I will reccomend THIS DVD to them as well.

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