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Optimizing Tcp/ip Values

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I did buy PC Pitstop Optimizer v1.0 for a few weeks ago.


Most of the optimizations have been seeming to have some positive effect, but the TCP/IP value optimizations seem somehow doubtful in my eyes, i.e. mostly the Receiving Window values, with the given values 65392 for dial-up and 255552 for DSL (Safe).


I have been testing my 512kbps DSL line with PC Pitstop with several different RCW values and got the best result, about 415kbps, with the value 20888, and quite much worse results with some different values, not to mention the high 255552 value. This same applies to dial-up for the best value 8576 or some other, with the 65392 coming far behind ...


The MTU values 576 for dial-up and 1492 for all DSL seems OK, but for the 128 TTL or the 10/20 connection values I do not have any comments yet.


So, now my question is, is it true that the generally said somehow wrong RCW value do affect quite much negatively to the TCP/IP traffic throughput, or, do the PC Pitstop download test just give somehow wrong picture of it ...



Thanks for any comments for this.



Best regards,


Pete V.

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Yes your TCP/IP setting can affect your speed. Optimize set these settings based on general information provide by the user and on paper the changes we make are set to give you the best connection possible. But there are many exceptions that are not easily identified without doing trial and error. Optimize was designed to provide fast easy positive results without putting the user through the trial and error exercise you did. If you found another site with a bandwidth test you might need different settings to get the optimal results. You might also notice different times require different settings to give you better results. This key is to find some settings that work and stick with them.



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