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Ok, so I was working on getting my stuff ready for an internship at this local paper. I was working with someone via email on doing so - revisions etc. So I send my stuff to her one night, and she promises to get back to me soon. Well, three weeks went by without response. So I email her last night asking her what the problem is, so she tells me she emailed me several times but never got a response from me, so she thought I wasnt interested.


The worst thing is... I *never* got any such message from her. I know I didn't delete it... why delete stuff with 2100 MB of storage .... and she did dig up her copy of the email validating that it was sent.... but that I never got it. And now the internship is probably filled, and I'll end up doing crap work all summer instead of career-oriented work.


What could have caused me not receiving the message?

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There are only 2 things that can happon with email:


1. Its delivered

2. Its not delivered, thus you will get a error message back stating why.


1 of thoese 2 things had to happon, nothing else.

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I had the same similiar thing with my Gmail. I looked at the settings options,


I think there were a few things I changed and it took care of my problem. If


memory serves me correctly, it did have something to do with filters. I"ll


look and re-post.


Like everything else "system bugs"

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