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Can I Set Core Priority Lower?

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can i set it lower while im gaming, or when I really need the cpu power, like maybe 75%?



You sure can. If you're using the console-only client, go to the directory of the fah3console.exe file and type:


fah3console.exe -config


Then, when it asks about configuring advanced options, write "yes" and it will eventually give you an option to set how much cpu juice it uses - between 1-100.


In the graphical frontend, that option exists in the last tab.

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Smiles :)


I have quickly scanned some of the posts in the Folding Forum (I have not the URL at the moment) and as I recall there is a problem with some games that goes beyond making changes to the CPU usage from either the text or GUI console version. I don't have time to research it at the moment. As a work-a-round until someone is able to post the answer (or until a new version of the client is released correcting this issue) your best bet is to either Pause the client or Exit the client before playing a game that you notice problems with.


Have a nice day.


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read this torrey, http://pcpitstop.ibforums.com/index.php?ac...=ST&f=20&t=8776

playing games shouldn't effect anything i tried a few games and didn't see a difference. :)

ino it doesnt, but when your system is as heavily overcloocked as mine is, in sunny texas.....it does help to have the core priority set LOTS lower...
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