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I have 4000 Kb/sec cable and consistently get around 3700 kb/sec on the stand alone dowload speed test. However the full test download speed is never recorded at more than 800 Kb/sec. The upload speed seems correct at about 350 Kb/sec.

Does anyone else have this problem? It's no big deal but just wonder what might be causing it.

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4000Kb/s down. 384Kb/s up. I'm getting good speed, 3700Kb/sec down.

360 Kb/sec up. It's just that the full Pitstop tests don't show it.

DSL reports speed test comes back at around 4000 Kb/s download.

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I know the speed is good. Just don't understand why the Pitstop "Full"

tests report it incorrectly. Is it a glitch?

Just like with any other test site, Internet congestion can cause your connection to be slower to one place and not another. You could also be going through a node that is having problems.
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