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Puting A Thermal Sensor On Back Of The Mb

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Just attach it to the side of the heatsink right next to the contact point... core temps will be slightly off but readings will be more stable... dont put it in between the heatsink and cpu unless you want to damage something...

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with my slk948u and hardcano that came with my thermaltake case...I taped the sensor right on the edge of the fins by the contact point to the cpu. Mine reads 28c idle with 92mm delta at full speed and 30c idle with it at low speed. about 35c full load full speed...40c low speed. Not to bad

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you can probably try to split the wire down the middle...


thats a cheap looking sensor tho...


it shoudl look like thin wires like i nthe picture


Posted Image



i dunno what to say about your sensor... :huh:

Wouldn't the tape melt? :huh:
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