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i have this same case and it is very nice and very roomy.should fit a water system no problem. :woot: as for the wind tunnel,you can remove it if you like



That's the one case that I liked from newegg, mainly because of the layout, I think that would look lots better, but the wind tunnel would have to go. If I can't find any better I will hopefully get that one....if my other half will ever let me get another upgrade..... :(
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Awesome looking case, man that would be sweet to have...

it's pretty basic,can be wheeled to the local lan party lol ! reviews said 60lbs empty

although im sure its far fetched.a little steep $$ but the reviews also say it's solid steel and no aluminum parts.it's like 2 cases in one :woot:


11 - 5.25 ext bays :yikes:


i'm gonna have to hold off on it though,i just bought a 32"lcd for my pc :woot:

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Yeah I thought about it zhamm but hey, it should be worth the wait.

Which would you prefer, a sempron or a 3700 san diago on that board... hhhhhmmm let me see lol


Should be filled up abit this week





Gotta say, that case was £10 from ebuyer and its fine. The kinda quality you would have paid £50 for a few years ago

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Looks like you have lots of time to get your wiring right  :lol:

lol Yeah I know. good thing actually coz Im a total neat freak when it comes to comp cases (strange really coz Im a total tramp in general :lol: )


this is as messy as I like to let them get

Posted Image


Gonna be alot more cables this time tho! so it could be interesting. Im building it into an old xaserIII which is actually a great case for routing cables, has loads of little nooks and crannys that you can hide cables in.

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ok here are some pics of my PC, nothing amazing, but flashy enough :wub:







Would love to have a Thermaltake Tsunami tho :blushing:



I have the same case and same speakers. I just did a little operation on the case and added a blowhole though.


Hey...I know they made a few versions of this case, does yours have the PSU fan? Mine has this massive 15cm one, it actually blows the air really well.

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