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Guest Bio-Hazard

Thanks all, I really like the external system, keeps the inside of the main case nice and neet with plenty of room to work on things.

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OK i just checked my attic and found an old Generic mid tower case ... still has 400w PSU in it ... i'd hate to copy ya but thats just great . maby i'll try it a little different .. but want to go with an external set up ...... :beer:


i still have that crappy thermaltake TEC set up . maby use the PSU and Peltier set up off that and cool it with the water block .. the peltier works awsome but the cheap HSF that came on it was just too insufficient and couldnt handle the work load

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All the pictures on this thread have been added to The Raptor Pit "in my Sig"

Steer to the Pictures section and scroll past my Pic's ;)

Whoah, went to go look at the pictures from Raptors site, thought I was in "Roadhouse".... :rolleyes:
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I have the same case as zhamm, but my plastic clear bezel thing cracked off, and i re-painted the front.

Seems to be a nice case, you can take apart just about everything in there. Kinda heavy though with all my stuff in there, but it's a good case. havent had anything break off or mess up on it..
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