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Where would i put it, exactly?

It makes contact everywhere with the case, top/bottom of the side touches the case, one of the sides slides into the case, the other locks into the other side of the case.

If that was confusing, here's the case i have:


It looks a lot better IRL than in the pics they have. Also, is that power supply any good? I still have it sitting in a box.

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When the cover goes back on, it'll probably make the noise again though.

Yep, making the noise when the cover is on.

I'm thinking it's because of the hard drive vibrations.

Yup... Like ctran said... put some foam or tape on the edges or in the area where you touch it that stops the noise...
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When i press lightly, anywhere, it stops.

It did stop, but i touched it and it started again :/

I got it to stop by using a box and my desk. :D

There is a bar that holds up part of my desk, and i put a small box (with cologne in it, never wear it ;x ) between the bar and the computer, and pushed the computer so that it is tightly against the box. Since something is pressing against the case, the vibration stopped :D (well i can barely hear it)


The part that i touch is the outside, anywhere. I guess foam could work, but i don't have any.

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First pics of my new system...





I will get some more pics up in a while ;)


I need to do some serious wire management but I thought I'd leave it till the water cooling and PSU arrive, both of which are on there way :P


If anyone is thinking about getting the Armor case btw, do! One damn nice case, so easy to work with...

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Guest Bio-Hazard

is the black box below the tower contro;l central for the water cooling setup ? the room is a mini lan party :D

The black tower is my external water box. If you'd like, you can read about the complete build here.


My External Water Cooling System.


Posted Image

Posted Image

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