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I dunno. That 14 multiplier might by too much to overcome. But then again...

as long as its possible :)


but i would really like to see a mip test on that monster at that speed :woot:


it probably like 10k, but just guessing

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I thought you would be more interested in pic's 1 and 3.  :blink:


Pic 2 is of my epox board and 3400+ with an aquagate mini I'm testing.


The watch is a gshock. :mrgreen:



I have a gshock too, they need to pass thru hell for them to break. And you do know what gshock means right, [bad joke] Edited by IntelGuy
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For anyone that has coolermaster fans with LEDs:

how long did your LEDs last? I bought 2 80mm blue LED fans, didn't use them much, and both of the fans' LEDs (all of them) are already dead.

I also have a thermaltake 90mm fan for my case, it works perfectly (been in use since late last year, longer than the coolermaster fans have).

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i know this isn't about pics, but my computer is making a "loud" deep humming noise, and it's really annoying.

If i press the side of the case in slightly, it stops. Is there any way to get the noise to stop without keeping my hand on the side of the case?

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