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another excellent mod, man why don't you do some good mods for us too lol :P , hey mark I see ur in luv with the Arctic 12 fans lol. The only thing I don't get is how do you mount is at intake.


Are you crazy? everyone knows you cant mount the AC12's as a intake.... :rofl2:
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8) Posted images should be no larger than 550x412. Images that are larger than this will be converted to a link without notice.




I'm bored, so I'm gonna post pics of my PC..











How'd that last one get in there?


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Some of you have already seen my humble updated rig over at TRP, but here it is. This is my first attempt at water cooling, so please go easy. I have no inclinations for cable management, and in any event, its difficult to manage anything with the crap I have stuffed into that case.


You can see that, appearance wise, its extremely plain. No lights, no neon, no LEDs (ok, only two.. the power LED and the HDD LED). Everything is black and polished aluminum. From the outside, its hard to tell that there's anything special inside.


The radiators *must* be inside. Have toddler with tiny fingers that fit through wire grills. Any stuff outside and the whole machine gets vetoed real fast, and I mean either this or no machine. So, for those of you who complain about heat, there's nothing I can do. CPU loads under 40C and GPU loads under 44C anyway.


The dome light on top is a battery powered touch light that is very useful when working on machine, especially at night. You can't see it over the flash, but its extremely bright, enough to blind someone in the dark.


There's some excess slack in the tubing, but I like it that way. I can remove individual components out of the case easily and work on them. In fact, I had both video cards comfortably out to fix the video ram heatsinks.


























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I should have some pics of the rig all insulated up soon, but this is what it looked like before (this is actually my friend's comp but running the same parts)



And here's my comp before I put watercooling back in:


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