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i totally forgot to post the new mansion case :bigsmile: a Codgen S-201-CA

now i got so much room i don't what to do with it all :rofl2:......i'm sure i'll fnd something


i decided to let go of the UV lighting,though i may put it back in some other time

now don't give me a hard time bout the drives... i know they don't match :yucky:

but i spent enough money for now :angel:


i diddn't get a chance to resize all of the pics yet.




front w/complete door swung open


MB side view


closer side view


other side



MY GOD!!! That a huge case :blink:

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nice budget gaming pc, 754 socket will live longer than 939 :lol:
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lec that case is insane.....server case isn't it?



sure is.....lol


plenty of room for a second psu if needed as well as a separate second watercooling setup for sli if

i go that route in the future :bad:

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new camera :crash: , now c'mon you can do better with that camera lol, get some pics lol. J/k :P:):adios:


I just found a way to share photos, I was having problem about where can I upload pics, now that i found it, more pictures :) the orignal pic is larger so I chopped it abit, 1600x1200 now :)


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Finally done....


Hidden wires B)



hey mark,


first of all how you doing, been a while since I've seen ya, very nice to see ya :):adios:


second of all, man thats some professional wiring system, how come you rewired your PSU wires, confusing lol. :P , but that system looks very very clean, some awesome work, the best I have ever seen, also liked the color on ur hdd's, liked the way you put the cd-rom wire on the board itself, thats cool as well. In short to say, excellent professional, safe work done. You should get an award lol :)

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guts of newer rig

amd64 4000sa/2g ram/300gHD/7900gtx/asus a8-e mobo


has 120 mm piped cpu heatsink and another for exhaust keeping it nice n cool

vcard is a 7900gtx sporting a arctic nv silencer exiting exhaust out the back helps out alot on internal case temps

have a fairly tidy wiring job helps keep that air circulating well although i really dont see a temp drop from sloppy wiring

generic antec case



Posted Image

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