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well the case was already messed up, i have been sufering with it for a while now lol. but its all ended now lol the door actually stoped going on it, the whole chassis was bent. so i just crushed it.. i mean everytime i picked the case up it sounded like it was gonna crack or something. also go google it and read the review, the guy broke the door off in 20mins also he clearly suggested do not move this case around lol. but the nemesis is awesome and i have no regrets off buying it.. thanks

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ok heres some more pictures, this case looks so sick! this is at a way higher resolution..(enjoy) :beer:


nemesis 1




nemesis 2




nemesis 3


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nice pics tarawa, you got some good cable management there :tup: , and burned :yucky: lol :rofl2: kidding. you got some good pics too man, I just need some cold cathodes, and uv lighting, so I can Xpose mine too lol, :blushing: .


we good some very good pics of rigs lately.

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Still need to install the cold cathodes & custom fan cover I ordered. Will have to get filters for the 4 intake fans in the front as well. The ones i have a slighly larger than the space provided. And don't even talk to me about wire management. Maybe with my next case i'll have the room behind the motherboard tray. Tough to do with a total of 18 fans all inclusive.



Posted Image



Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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greetings . Newbie poster here . I amOakknight . Tgore3's friend. He said I should post my rig and score here so , here I am.


Pic links :










simple sleek . the heat sink is huge! lol


Chenming Black 601 case

Windows Professional x64

Asus A8N-SLI Premium MB

Ath 64 4000+

2800 MHz 267x10.5 HTT x4

Corsair TWINXP1024-3200XL 1GB Kit DDR400 XMS3200 Xpert

2.85 V 2,2,2,5 1T @222.2MHz

2x80 gig Maxtor SATA (8mb cache) drives Raid 0

Sound Blaster X-Fi Fata1ty sound card

XFX 7800 GTX OC 256 Factory 490MHZ 1300 MHZ

550 W Aerocool PSU v2.0

Digidoc 5+ fan controller

Asus Silent Square CPU Cooler

No load temp 34 Deg C .around 40 C under gaming load

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Few pics of my semi new rig.


Side lighted


Side dark


Front lighted


Front Dark


Side open


oh man LuisGT, i cracked up seeing your quoted sig :rofl2:

here is my rig at the moment, Will post better high quality pictures when I get a new digital cam....

notice the white thing on the left corner is my side intake fan, i put a thin layer of tissue paper on it as dust filter, ghetto isnt it?

Posted Image

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i totally forgot to post the new mansion case :bigsmile: a Codgen S-201-CA

now i got so much room i don't what to do with it all :rofl2:......i'm sure i'll fnd something


i decided to let go of the UV lighting,though i may put it back in some other time

now don't give me a hard time bout the drives... i know they don't match :yucky:

but i spent enough money for now :angel:


i diddn't get a chance to resize all of the pics yet.




front w/complete door swung open


MB side view


closer side view


other side

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Damn!! I'm torn between a Double Wide trailer joke and a small family of 6 being housed in there joke... :D


Actually I like that case a lot... now I gotta go find it somewhere. Never seen a double wide case before. :)

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