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Well here is my first attempt in a few years to build a new system


Nemesis Elite Gamer case

Asus a8n-e mobo

4-1 gig crucial mem

2-250 gig WD HD

34 gig raptor


7.1 catalina audio

550wt logisys psu




















Well there it is I have a twin wan router cable and dsl both buisness class, max dl of 18mb and max up at 3.2mb. Instead of adding a second monitor I just linked it to my 32 hd tv.

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very nice, i like the gigabyte case :wub:


I notice you have the logitec gaming keyboard. how do you like it?? was thinking of picking one up ;)

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Remember me? Well since I haven't been here I've built my rig I was telling you guys about.


Well it came out great and fired up on the first try.






CPU Heatsink It's actually actual size.




Side with light


I know, I know, the wires! Those pics are from when I first built it back in early January. I've since cleaned the wires and made it more presentable, I'll have to take newer pics soon.

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ok well i got some new pics of my computer, i managed to break the cheap drive bay door off lol, also add dual 12in blue cathodes. they look pretty good, accept my camera sucks. i might just break him also :crash: .

my drive face plates are red. well enough said heres the links.








my next upgrade is deffinetly a case.. because ive never seen a case quite this pitafull

now if kenny would just trade with me! lol :shifty:

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kk here ya go :sparkle: This started out as a stock HP a710n that i picked up at an action for 300 incuding printer monitor speakers ect....


My First build


I 'm working on rig # 2 and taking pics for start to finish :mrgreen:


I'm still swapping parts out :)

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Figured I'd post some pics of my progress so far on this new case. Still working out some details and have a few parts to pick up still. Just used a flat black Tremclad paint. Window custom ordered from www.Hyperkore.com. Plan on stealthing the 2 drives I have and most likely painting the case completely with the same flat black. Also plan on putting the venom pic ( white spider logo ) airbrushed behind the clear plexi on the drive blanks. Most likely have the Venom name etched into the mirror in the bottom of the case also. Not sure what I'm doing with the UV reactive plexi where the power and reset buttons are. Will be sticking with the blue color theme inside for sure.

Any thought or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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so far, it looks great.. Dont forget to show us the finished product. :clap:



As far as wire management is concerned, my personal reccommendation is to reroute the PSU cables behind the motherboard tray and extend a few for hard to reach area's.. And it looks good

all you really see are the round ribbon cables :geezer:

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well finaly after a long while i got a high end case! the nzxt nemesis is completly sick! heres some pics of it..

also some pics of what i indeed did to my old demon powmax! :laughing:

i think my computer looks great now. enjoy guys the demon looks just wonderful, also i did this with 1 hand just a simple push and the whole thing caved in! wow also tossed it around a bit for fun! hehehe




nemesis 1




nemesis 2




ol'e demon rofl!




ol'd demon 2 ! lmao


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