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heres a couple of updates of mine

shot 1

shot 2

shot 3

shot 4

shot 5


i picked up a small 4" UV light mounted in the top rail below the PSU will replace the blue 12" cathode with a UV one cause the blue killz it ........ and yeah a new camera is on the list somewhere between the 19" monitor and a 1Kw PSU

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If I have the AC on and the cards fan on max, it get as low as 38C, thats as low as I've seen it anywa. Benching at 510/1386 with the Ambient at like 25-26C it got as high as 60C, right now my ambient is 37C and the card is sitting at 46C with its fan maxxed.


The card is on air ATM, I need to buy a second radiator first before I put my card on water, but before that, I'm hoping the 7900 come out on march or before my Step up time ends.


The CPU Block is the one that came with my Thermatake Bigwater SE kit.

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hey nice pics 1badRig neat case!! cable managment is a must with that puppy. (thats why no one sees inside mine LOL) B)


Yeah these are all beauties, makes mine look like Fred Flintstones. BUT don't make me show pictures of "emerging technogies" that for the present time are "classified". :laughing:

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Nice computer brown hornet, case is awesome! much $$$ though! everybody who posted pics has got some nice looking computers. i belive i am in last place on overall looks! lol performance over looks is whats in my head though especially with these newer games.... :)

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