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Dialup Test Is Reversed Since Pcpitstop Upgrade

Guest Splatflys

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Guest Splatflys

:blushing: Connection Type:56K

Dial-Up Speed

Speed Units Rated / Tested

Bandwidth Down 56 / 34 Kbits/sec

Bandwidth Up 33 /54 Kbits/sec

Ping Latency 320 / 337 milliseconds

Receive Buffer Size --- Default bytes

0% lost

I have to finally ask this weird question.

Dial-up test has been reversed since PCPitstop upgraded 2-3 Months ago

Download reads upload & Upload reads download?

Ok I'm running V90 upload 28Kbits/s....download 56Kbits/s.

I have set PCPitstop as above. Note: I set upload to 33.6Kbit/s instead of 28.0Kbits/s but every time I test my results are reversed.

PS. Before anyone asks me to post full results I won't until I can "mask" my IP address (could someone tell me how as I Forgot how to :)).I have just completed a full computer upgrade & I was geting the same reverse results before My up-grade. :woot:

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